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City of San Diego

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202 C St.
San Diego, CA 92101

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Year Est. in San Diego: 1850

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City of San Diego

Population 2014 (as of 2010 Census)


2014 City Leaders

Mayor, Kevin Faulconer, Jan Goldsmith, Attorney

City leaders as of 6/2013

Todd Gloria, Council President; Jan Goldsmith, Attorney; Eduardo Luna, Auditor; Elizabeth Maland, Clerk; Ken Whitfield, Comptroller; Gail R. Granewich, Treasurer; Andrea Tevlin, Independent Budget Analyst

Council members as of 6/2013

Sherri Lightner, Dist. 1; Vacant, Dist. 2; Council President Todd Gloria, Dist. 3; Myrtle Cole, Dist. 4; Mark Kersey, Dist. 5; Lorie Zapf, Dist. 6; Scott Sherman, Dist. 7; David Alvarez, Dist. 8; Marti Emerald, Dist. 9


Myrtle Cole

  • City Council Member

Mark Kersey

  • City Council Member

Lorie Zapf

  • City Council Member

Scott Sherman

  • City Council Member

David Alvarez

  • City Council Member

Marti Emerald

  • City Council Member

Todd Gloria

  • Council President

Kevin Faulconer

  • Mayor

Sherri Lightner

  • Council President Pro Tem