Alternative Energy Providers


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2721 Loker Ave. West
Carlsbad, CA 92010

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Year Est. in San Diego: 2001

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Number of Local Full-Time Employees


Services Offered

Energy services include engineering, audits, alternative energy, financing, distributed generation, green building and retrofitting, technologies (solar pv, fuel cells, other)
construction services include HVAC, laboratory buildouts, NEBB certified air and water balancing, plumbing, process piping, service and maintenance

Top Local Clients

Pala Casino, Salk Institute, The Scripps Research Institute, Sequenom, SDG&E, Gemological Institute

Industries Served

Biotech, medical device manufacturing, pharmaceutical, high-tech, semi-conductor


Jason Davis

  • Co-Founder
  • President

Joey Patalano

  • Vice President

Justin Miller

  • Director of Business Development

Robert Ford

  • Director of Operations

Jodi Vadler

  • Controller