Accounting Firms

259 Audit, tax ; tax advisory services, advisory
205 76 Audit; tax ; advisory ; IT risk management services
204 88 Audit and enterprises risk services; tax services, financial advisory services; consulting services
184 wnd Audit, tax, advisory services
74 29 Assurance, SEC, federal tax compliance business consulting; international tax,state and local tax consulting, ; M&A consulting,risk advisory, technology and manageemtn consuting, oporations/process improvement consulting, financial advisory, SEC
68 37 Full-range of audit, tax and advisory services
67 45 Tax, audit and related services; IT consulting, valuation; cost segregation, royalty compliance; state and local tax, section; wealth advisory services; wealth management, business owner succession services
66 46 Audit, review; income tax services; international, multistate, corporate, partnerships; LLC's, estates, and trusts
59 33 Audits, reviews; Tax returns, retirement plans; estate planning and financial statements
55 45 Audit and assurance, tax compliance and consulting; advisory services to public and private companies; international and domestic
42 20 Audit, tax, advisory services
41 25 Audit attest services, compilation services, consulting services; tax accounting and bookkeeping, tax compliance, tax consulting and planning ; bankruptcy services, business management
36 24 Tax consulting and compliance, financial statemnet audit, review and compilations; family office services, transaction consulting, business acquisitiom and sale, entrepreneurial services
33 28 Audits, reviews, compilations, tax planning and compliance; litigation support, personal financial planning and management advisory services
32 28 Financial statement audits adn reviews, domestiv and international tax planning, compliance and consulting; estate and succession planning, business appraisal, business advisory and consulting services
26 9 Tax preparation; tax consulting
23 14 -
22 13 Accounting; auditing; taxation; consulting services
18 17 Audit and attestation for public and private companies; tax compliance and planning; merger and acquisition support and due diligence consulting; internal audit, corporate governance and Sabanes-Oxley Implementation
18 12 Accounting and results monitoring; auditing, tax planning and reporting; business planning and succession, cost segregation
15 6 Tax return preparation; tax planning; bookkeeping services; audit and attestation services; estate planning
15 9 Full service audit and tax
15 10 -
12 7 IT and network management, advisory services; tax services, audit services; financial statement services, not-for-profit general services
12 4 Audits, reviews and compilations; SEX/SOX audit services; tax planning, compliance and preparation; consulting
11 5 Tax services for all entity types, auditing and accounting services ; review services, payroll and sales tax
11 10 Tax planning, business as possible ; accounting and auditing serviced
11 8 Accounting, auditing, tax compliance; tax planning and business consulting
10 7 Full service accounting firm, tax consulting and related business planning; tax compliance and financial statement services, controllership services
8 8 Tax services, financial reporting, consulting, strategic planning
7 6 Audit, tax planning and consulting; SEC advisory, tax compliance; estate planning, employee benefit plan audits; business advisory, nergers and acquisitions services
6 5 Tax planning and preparation: individuals and families, corporations and S corporations, partnerships and limited partnerships, LLCs and LLPs; financial statement compilations; represenatation before teh IRS, FTB and other taxing authorities; small to mid-size business tax planning and individuals; multi-state taxation issues for business and individuals; QuickBook certified professionals
5 1 full-service accounting; internal audit services; forensic accounting; financial statements
5 - Accounts payable and accounts receivable, month-end closings and analysis reporting, state reporting and tax preparation support; reconciliations, payroll processing, budgets, cash flow, audit support, collections, clean-up
4 1 Public and private company financial statement audit, review and compilation. Corporation, partnership and individual tax return preparation. Tax dispute resolution. Tax planning. Forensic accounting. Expert testimony.
4 - -
3 2 Tax planning, tax preparation; financial statement compilation, financial statement review/audit; consulting
2 0 -
2 2 Assisting with accounting software; providing loan and financing guidance; assisting in acquiring and selling property, purchasing and leasing of equipment; starting a business, merging, selling, liquidating businesses; developing business plans; preparing financial forecasts; performing internal control reviews; performing financial and operational audits
2 1 Business tax preparation, tax planning and consulting; audit representation, individual tax preparation, and tax planning
1 0 -
1 0 Business consulting, develop/establish QuickBooks or other accounting software, build business plans, prepare financial statements for lending purposes. Set up cost systems to ensure increased efficiency. Develop budget and forecasting tools.
1 1 Tax, accounting and business consultation ; tax return and financial statement preparation
1 0 Tax preparation, tax planning; bookkeeping, payroll; small business consulting, QuickBooks consulting, start up consulting
- - -
- - Business; employee benefits; risk management