Legal Services Firms

Litigation photcopying; document imaging
Video depositions; trial presentation services; demonstrative graphics/settlement videos
Court reporting services; Internet realtime; legal videography ; electronic delivery ; conference rooms
Records retrieval ; deposition reporting; multi-plaintiff litigation; medical reords summarization
E-discovery; imaging; trial solutions; video conferencing
Legal DNA testing for paternity; immigration, child custody, newborn identity, inheritance; insurance benefits and adoption
11 Deposition and Mediation Suites; Video Teleconferencing; Document Depository Facilities and Document Viewing Stations; Reprographics and Imaging Center, Audio/Video Services
Creative customizeds legal staffing solutions to include temporary, direct hire, project attorneys and trial teams
Attorney services; copy/reprographics; electronic data discovery; imaging; in-house facilities management; record retrieval
Visual strategy and creative conception; design and production of demonstrative exhibits; trial and presenation technology support; custom litigation support software development
Photocopying, Imaging/Scanning
Court filings; process serving; court research; messenger service
Complete digital video production; including full synchronization services, encoding of all media for web delivery, and formatting, including VHS, mini DVD, DVD and mPEG1; trial presentation services
Court reporting, videography services; online services
Electronic discovery services; computer data forensics; litigation support
From certified translation and interpretation to ESI processing and online due diligence hosting, TLS offers a full array of legal support services that can be customized and combined to provide you with the end-to-end solutions you need. ; Supported by offices in over 60 cities on 5 continents, we have established round-the-clock production capabilities that enable us to offer the fastest turnaround times in the industry—30% faster on average than our competitors. From e-discovery and court
Video/audio services; trial services; video conferencing; equipment rental; software/MCLE