Colleges & Universities

26,550 - Noncredit adult education None
24,279 25,279 Comprehensive, accredited, two-year community college AA, AS
18,369 27,955 Two-year, public community college Associates degrees and certificate programs, transfer, administration of justice; ornamental horticulture, culinary arts, auto technology, nursing
17,859 - Two-year, public community college 73 Associates degrees and 70 certificate programs
16,370 17,184 Community college AA, AS
12,152 - Four-year, public university Bachelor's and 12 Master's, six credential programs and a joint doctoral program
12,009 12,080 Two-year, public community college 120 AA, AS; Certificate of completion, university transfer
8,349 8,321 Roman Catholic coeducational university offering a full range of undergraduate majors, master's and doctoral degrees. Bachelor's, master's J.D., LLM, doctoral and Ph.D.
3,374 - Four-year, private liberal arts university Master of Science (M.S.) and Master of Arts (M.A.) in biology
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Master of Arts (M.A.) in education
Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)
Master of Ministry (M.Min.)
Educational Specialist (Ed.S.)
2,956 1,201 Private, non-profit Bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees, credential, certificate
159 105 University for natural health arts and sciences Master of Science in Nutrition for Wellness
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
- - Four-year, private, nonprofit Bachelor's, master's, ; graduate certificates; doctoral programs
- 225 Private Associate's, Bachelor's; MBA, MSSL; DBA
- - Law school/professional school Juris Doctor, Juris Doctor/Master of Business Administration with SDSU; Juris Doctor/Ph.D. in Political Science or History (with UCSD); MAS in Health Law (with UCSD); LL.M. in Trial Advocacy Specializing in Federal Criminal Law; M.C.L/LL.M for Foreign Law Graduates
- 16,979 Community college AA, AS; Certificate of Profiency, Certificate of Achievement
- - Four-year, private university Associate's, bachelor's master's degrees; 19 credential programs
- 25,039 Two-year, public community college AA, AS
- 32,759 Four-year, public university Bachelor's,in 91 areas, master's, in 78 fields, 22 doctorates (Ph.D. Ed.D); Educational Specialist (Ed.S) and a Professional Doctorate (Au.D), DNP, DPT
- 19,658 Two-year, public community college AA, AS
- - Graduate School/Law J.D., J.D./M.B.A., LL.M//J.S.D. and J.S.M.
- 30,310 Four-year, public university B.S., B.A., MA, MS, Ph.D.
- - Four-year; Private university MBA, MA,BA, BS