Biomed & Biotech Firms - Publicly Traded*

(ILMN) $31,386,421,248 Develops, manufactures and markets life science tools and integrated systems for the analysis of genetic variation and biological function in North America, Europe, Latin America, the Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and South Africa
(RMD) $8,328,471,552 Development, manufacture and distribution of medical equipment for treating, diagnosing and managing sleep-disordered breathing and other respiratory disorders
(ISIS) $8,140,507,136 Discovery and development of antisense drugs
$5,951,937,024 Receptos has an active research program for glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor (GLP-1R) small molecule positive allosteric modulators (PAMs) for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2D).; GLP-1R peptide agonists are an effective therapeutic option for the treatment of T2D in terms of controlling glucose as well as causing weight loss
(DXCM) $5,819,634,688 Design, development, and commercialization of continuous glucose monitoring systems for ambulatory use by people with diabetes
(ACAD) $3,989,831,680 Focuses on drug discovery and clinical development of small molecule drugs that address unmet medical needs in neurological and related central nervous system disorders
(NBIX) $3,716,528,384 Discovery, development and commercialization of drugs for the treatment of neurological and endocrine-related diseases and disorders
(HALO) $2,639,377,920 Research focuses on human enzymes that transiently modify tissue under the skin to facilitate injection of other therapies or correct diseased tissue structures for clinical benefits
(NUVA) $2,420,725,760 Design, development and marketing of minimally disruptive surgical products and procedures for the spine
(LGND) $1,851,820,928 Research, milestone and royalty revenue activities resulting from its collaborations with pharmaceutical partners
$1,508,174,080 Real estate, property acquisition
(ARNA) $1,035,930,496 Discovering, developing and commercializing oral drugs that target G protein-coupled receptors in the therapeutic areas of cardiovascular, central nervous system, inflammatory and metabolic diseases
(QDEL) $793,343,872 Develops, manufactures and markets diagnostic testing solutions for applications in infectious diseases, women’s health and gastrointestinal diseases
$593,210,368 Medicine of the ear
(VTL) $576,295,488 Liver disease
(OREX) $571,002,752 Development of pharmaceutical product candidates for the treatment of obesity
(SRNE) $521,121,120 Focuses on applying its proprietary technology platform for the discovery and development of human therapeutic antibodies for the treatment of various disease conditions, such as cancer, inflammation, metabolic and infectious diseases in the United State
(RGLS) $505,072,320 -
$497,679,904 New drugs for cancer patients whose tumors harbor specific molecular alterations.
$493,741,088 Pharmaceuticals; Oncology
(ONVO) $465,009,056 -
$414,316,832 Biologics
(SQNM) $392,077,920 Provides products, services, diagnostic testing, applications and genetic analysis products that translate the results into solutions for biomedical research, translational research, molecular medicine applications, and agricultural and livestock research
(LJPC) $350,006,784 Focuses on the development of a novel class of compounds known as Regenerative Immunophilin Ligands (RILs) in the field of regenerative medicine
(TNDM) $327,222,464 Medical equipment for Diabetes research
(TROV) $325,008,384 -
(ZGNX) $245,381,984 -
(SNMX) $239,649,248 Discovery and development of novel flavor ingredients in the savory, sweet, salt, bitter and cooling areas using proprietary taste receptor-based assays and screening technologies
$165,500,064 Cellular therapeutics
(ATEC) $144,779,808 Designs, develops, manufactures and markets products for the surgical treatment of spine disorders
(VICL) $134,421,888 Research and development of biopharmaceutical products based on its deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) delivery technologies for the prevention and treatment of serious or life-threatening diseases
(CNAT) $108,950,488 Chronic liver disease
(MNOV) $103,004,944 Engages in the acquisition and development of small-molecule therapeutics for the treatment of serious diseases for the United States market
(CYTX) $90,615,680 Develops cell therapies based on autologous adipose-derived stem and regenerative cells (ADRCs) to treat cardiovascular disease and repair soft tissue defects
(APRI) $82,175,608 Engages in the research and development of pharmaceutical drugs and drug candidates based on its proprietary NexACT drug delivery technology
(ONCS) $81,892,192 -
(MSTX) $81,046,672 -
(TEAR) $80,106,408 Develops and commercializes TearLab Osmolarity System, a proprietary in vitro diagnostic tear testing platform that measures tear film osmolarity for the diagnosis of dry eye disease
(IMMY) $78,700,456 -
(DRAD) $74,472,136 Development and manufacture of medical diagnostic imaging systems for nuclear cardiology and general nuclear medicine applications primarily in the United States
(MEIP) $67,628,872 -
(ADMP) - Operates as a biopharmaceutical company combining specialty pharmaceuticals and biotechnology products to provide medicines for patients, physicians and health care organizations
(ANX) - Focuses on developing proprietary product candidates
(AEMD) - Focuses on creating devices for the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases
(AMLN) - Discovery, development and commercialization of drug candidates for the treatment of diabetes, obesity and other diseases
(ANDS) - -
(RDEA) - -
(BMSN) - Focuses on the development of regenerative medicine therapies and tools
(CADX) - Focuses on acquiring, in-licensing, developing and commercializing proprietary product candidates principally for use in the hospital setting in the United States and Canada
(CXM) - Acquires and develops product opportunities and businesses, focusing on the development and commercialization of novel therapeutics and medical devices for cardiovascular and ischemic diseases, wound healing, and tissue repair
(CFN) - Critical care technologies, medical technologies and services
(CYPB) - -
(ENTB) - Engages in the development and commercialization of immunotherapeutic therapies for the veterinary market
(GPRO) - Development, manufacture and marketing of molecular diagnostic products and services that are used primarily to diagnose human diseases and screen donated human blood
(GXDX) - -
(HRBR) - -
(IAGXQ) - Develops, formulates, and markets over-the-counter nutritional supplements and skincare products
(INO) - Discovery, development and delivery of DNA vaccines with a focus on cancers and infectious diseases
(ISCO) - -
(LANZ) - -
(LIFE) - Molecular biology-based technologies;; cell culture media and sera, stem cells and related tools, cellular imaging products, antibodies, drug discovery services, and cell therapy related products used in the study of cell function;; capillary electrophoresis systems and reagents, and next generation sequencing systems and reagents, as well as reagent kits
(LFVN) - Identification, research, development, manufacture and distribution of nutraceutical dietary supplements in the United States
(LPTN) - Focuses on the discovery and development of lipidomic-based therapeutic antibodies for treating human diseases primarily in the United States
(NGEN) - -
(NAII) - -
(OPTR) - Development and commercialization of pharmaceutical products
(PURE) - Discovery, development, and commercialization of bioscience products principally in the United States
(SNTS) - Engages in acquiring, developing and commercializing proprietary products that address the needs of patients treated by physician specialists
(SOMX) - Engages in the in-licensing, development, and commercialization of proprietary branded products and late-stage product candidates for the treatment of diseases and disorders in the fields of psychiatry and neurology
(SCIE) - Develops and markets a technology platform to instantly determine whether a tissue is normal, pre-cancerous, or cancerous without the need for a physical biopsy
(TDLP) - -
(TSRX) - Discovery, development and commercialization of antibiotics for life-threatening infections
(BUGS) - -
(VRNM) - -
(VOLC) - Designs, develops, manufactures and commercializes intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) and fractional flow reserve (FFR) products used in the diagnosis and treatment of vascular and structural heart disease