Life Technologies Corp.

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5791 Van Allen Way
Carlsbad, CA 92008

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Life Technologies Corp.

Market Cap as of 7/03/2014

Market Cap as of 07/02/2013


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Nasdaq: LIFE

Fields of Research

Molecular biology-based technologies;
cell culture media and sera, stem cells and related tools, cellular imaging products, antibodies, drug discovery services, and cell therapy related products used in the study of cell function;
capillary electrophoresis systems and reagents, and next generation sequencing systems and reagents, as well as reagent kits

Major Products

Geneart Next Generation Cloning and Assembly Tools, Ion Total RNA-Seq Kit, Floid Cell Imaging Station

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Life Technologies Corp.

Market Cap as of 7/03/2014





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Life Technologies Corp.

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Products manufactured

Medical and translational research, human identification, forensics, stem cell therapies, genetic analysis, genetic engineering, agriculture biotechnology, food safety, and animal health


Greg Lucier

  • Chairman
  • Chief Executive Officer

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Life Tech releases new genomics tools

Carlsbad-based Life Technologies (Nasdaq: LIFE) has released two tools to give researchers new avenues of access to one of the largest genomics databases available, compiled by the former Compendia Bioscience.

Oncomine Gene Browser is designed to help cancer researchers characterize their genes of interest across multiple parameters, including gene expression, DNA copy number and mutation data.

Life Technologies said to draw bids for up to $11.8 billion

Life Technologies Corp. got takeover offers from a private-equity group including Blackstone Group LP, and from Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., for as much as $11.8 billion, said people familiar with the matter.

Life Technologies launches bioinformatics software platform

Carlsbad-based Life Technologies Corp. (Nasdaq: LIFE) has launched a new software platform that offers researchers custom vector and genetic construct design and synthesis.

Thermo Fisher to buy Life Technologies for $13.6 billion

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the second-biggest maker of life-sciences equipment by market value, agreed to buy Life Technologies Corp. for $13.6 billion in cash in a deal that expands its reach in medical testing.

Biotech execs discuss future of health care

Information is power, and pairing data with technologies is the secret to transforming the health care system for the better.

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